New Jersey Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Greetings from Bergen County Special Services. 300 special needs students, ages 4 to 21, from three schools in our district participated in the Earth Day Groceries project. The local Grand Union provided 300 bags for our students to decorate. Our art teachers provided stencils for students with physical disabilities to imprint their bags with the ³Earth Day 1998² logo. On Earth Day we had four students with their parents distribute all the decorated bags at the Paramus Rt. 17 Grand Union. The store manager had his photographer there taking pictures of the students distributing the bags to shoppers. We had a wonderful time participating in this project and are looking forward to doing it again next year. We hope to send you a link to our web page in the future. Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate Earth Day 1998.
Val Devlin, OTR
Earth Day 1998 Coordinator
Hackensack, New Jersey
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
400 bags
-- Garfield School,
-- Longbranch, NJ
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
150 bags
-- Ho-Ho-Kus School,
-- Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
400 bags
-- Freehold Learning Center
-- Freehold, NJ
Hello Again! This is Theresa Emmolo from New Milford, NJ and I am writing to you with an update for our Earth Day Groceries Project 1998. Our two K-3 elementary schools B.F. Gibbs School and Berkley School both participated and through the combined efforts of our teachers, administrators, parents, students, and local Shop Rite, we were able to decorate 650 grocery bags! This was a wonderful feat for our first year! Everyone was very excited about this project and worked very hard. The bags were beautiful and meaningful. Many thanks to everyone who participated. What a wonderful way to share and celebrate Earth Day!
Theresa Emmolo (
Kindergarten Teacher
B.F. Gibbs School
On April 23rd we held our 4th annual Earth Day Fair. About 35 schools were involved. We partnered with the Super Foodtown of Oakhurst, NJ to provide the Earth Day Grocery Bags as one of our activities for the students who attended. This was our first year and we decorated 101 bags. The kids loved having a chance to educate adults. Reports from the store indicated that the management and shoppers were pleased as well. We plan to continue with this project next year and we are hopeful that we will be able to increase the number of decorated bags.
Linda Brennen (
County-wide Earth Day Fair
Monmouth County
Students from our school in grades six, seven, and special education decorated 207 bags for the Edwards store on Olden Avenue in Trenton. Parents reported spotting our bags at parent conferences on the day after Earth Day. The students enjoyed this project immensely. Next year, we will start earlier in order to decorate a whole bundle!
Rene' Powell (
Dr. Martin L. King Middle School
Trenton, NJ
Menlo Park Terrace school #19
Ketler School of Westwood, N.J. participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag project for the first time this year. Parents and students worked cooperatively at our environmentally themed back-to-school-night. We decorated 485 bags which were distributed at a local grocery store. Parents and students really enjoyed this project. It was wonderful for the children to share their environmental messages with the community!
Blairstown Elem. School located in beautiful Warren County New Jersey is proud to have decorated 536 paper grocery bags. The bags were put on display on the walls at our local A&P the week before Earth Day. The week of Earth Day the bags were given out filled with groceries. Students in grades Pre-first through 6th grade took part in this event. The teachers chose one student representative from each grade level to bring all the beautifully decorated grocery bags back to the A& P. Some pictures of the students and the bags will follow. What a great project !!!! A special thanks to Mr. Wayne Tracy, manager of our local A&P, for donating all the grocery bags and helping to make this a community effort.
Felix A. Staffaroni (
Blairstown Elementary
Blairstown, NJ
The Dover Township Juniorettes (young women ages 11-18) decorated 100 bags. Please add our name to your totals.
Dover Township Juniorettes
P.O. Box 5333
Toms River, New Jersey 08753
The local grocery store, Acme, provided the school with 500 grocery bags to be decorated. All the classes K-8 th grades decorated the bags with different pictures representing Earth day and protecting our environment. The school will hold and Earth day assembly on Friday, April 24.
This was a great project that both the school and the grocery store enjoyed! Thank you for sharing your idea!
Anna Rasmussen (
St. Virgil's School
Morris Plains, NJ
Hi, my name is Joelle Charette and I am from St. Luke School in Stratford, NJ. This is our second year participating in this project. The students from St. Luke really enjoyed decorating the bags. Stratford Market, located across the street from our school, was kind of enough to donate about 300 of their bags . The manager and staff of Stratford Market were very supportive and willing to help us celebrate Earth Day. In the next couple of days they will be passing out the decorated bags to their customers and announcing over the PA system the purpose of our project. I'd like to personally thank the people from Stratford Market and you for making this project possible.
Joelle Charette (
St. Luke School
Stratford, New Jersey
Sunnybrae students found this project to be both meaningful and fun. They completed over 300 grocery bags! Happy Earth Day and thank you for a great project idea.
Liz Mikalaiatis (
Sunnybrae Elementary School
Yardville, New Jersey
Katherine D. Malone Elementary School of Rockaway Township, N.J. decorated 189 bags promoting Earth Day Messages. Our PTA coordinated the project and our local ShopRite in Rockaway N.J. let us borrow bags. The bags were great displays of art as well as letting our community know that the students are concerned about the Earth. We are also giving the students variety seed packets to take home and plant. Thanks for running this website and I'm glad I found it!!! See you in 1999.
Kathy Botwinick (
Katherine D. Malone Elementary
Rockaway Township, NJ
We joined together with our local Shop Rite grocery store and they donated the grocery bags.
343 bags were decorated with Earth Day messages and returned to the Shop Rite on 4/20/98 to be distributed on Wednesday, April 22.
Students and teachers enjoyed this project and it will most certainly be good PR for the school in our community.
Paula Green (
Somerdale Park School (k-8)
Somerdale, New Jersey
I am a fourth grade teacher at an Upper Elementary School in Mercer County New Jersey. Our school had five classes partcipate in the Earth Day Groceries project and we were able to decorate 125 bags. The grocery store we participated with was McCaffery's of West Windsor. The students really enjoyed the project. Thanks for the great idea!!!
Tracey Edwards (
West Windsor-Plainsboro UES
West Windsor, New Jersery
My name is Theresa Emmolo and I am a Kindergarten Teacher at the B.F. Gibbs School in New Milford, New Jersey. I have coordinated an Earth Day Groceries project in cooperation with our local Shop Rite in New Milford. We will be decorating 350 bags from our school and I am also working on coordinating a similiar program at our sister elementary school, the Berkley School in New Milford, New Jersey. If they are also involved, the number will be up to 650! As of right now it is at 350 for my school and I will contact you with the results of the latter. Everyone is very excited about this program and is looking forward to Earth Day 1998!
Theresa Emmolo :-)

New Jersey Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

I am a teacher at St. Luke School, in Stratford, NJ. I was browsing the net one day when I came across your project. I thought it was great. After work one day I went across the street to the ULTRA grocery store. I asked the manager for 300 bags for my school. This man was so supportive. I wrote him a formal letter explaining the project and then I went to pick the bags up the next day. The students of St. Luke School took a week preparing their 300 bags. I turned them in the day before Earth Day. The manager told me that there would be making an announcement all day about the project over their PA system. I thought that was neat. I think I included all of the information needed. Thanks again for the project! Have a great day!
Joelle Charette
Our school is the Peter Muschal School. We are located in Bordentown, New Jersey. Our school decorated about 650 bags that were then handed out at our local Acme. Our students had a great time decorating the bags!
Ann Marie O'Leary
Fifth Grade Teacher
I am writing to let you know that Hillside School, Livingston, NJ, participated in this years project. All students were involved, K through 5. We made 300 bags. Since our district was off the week of Earthday, we got an early start and got the bags back to the stores before our break. The teachers appreciated having a fun worthwhile activity to do with the kids as a respite from the IOWAs, which coincided with our last week of school. The only problem for us was finding bags that were blank, since around here those bags carry advertising. We had to settle for the bags without the handles. Thats OK, I'm sure there were some very surprised customers! This project was done with the cooperation of our fantastic PTA. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this activity!
Christopher Ebneth,
special education teacher
Hi, this was our first year participating in Earth Day Grocery Bags. The whole school enjoyed this project. It was great public relations for both the school and the local grocery store. We participated with the A&P in Cliffwood, NJ.
We decorated 431 brown paper bags. Students from K through 6 were able to send out environmentally friendly messages.
Patricia J. Hillyer
Ravine Drive School
Matawan, NJ
Hi everyone! This is the Barclay Brook Elementary School reporting from Monroe Township, New Jersey. We have decorated 294 Earth Day bags for the love of our earth. Thanks for the chance to participate!
P. D'Anna
Barclay Brook
Monroe Township, New Jersey
We are the Pine Grove Elementary School K-2. We enjoyed this Earth Day project immensely. All 465 of our students wrote messages and illustrated bags from four different local markets. Sharing our Earth Day messages with the community was great!
Jane Goldweber
Pine Grove Manor Elementary K-2
Somerset, NJ central Jersey near Rutgers
Our 6th grade Roots and Shoots Club sponsored the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We collected 536 bags decorated by students in our school from kindergarten through sixth grade. They will be handed out tomorrow on Earth Day at the Shoprite in Berlin, N.J.
Sharon Hulbert
Dwight D. Eisenhower School
West Berlin, New Jersey
School Number Seven in Perth Amboy, New Jersey has participated in your Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We contributed over 250 bags to the Shop-Rite in our city. The students enjoyed decorating the bags and discussing environmental issues. We would enjoy receiving email reports from other schools. HAPPY EARTH DAY MARK!
Linda Teuver
Hi Mark, Greetings from School One in Clifton, New Jersey! Just wanted to inform you that our school decorated 500 grocery bags for Earth Day! We'd like to be informed of your total national count. You can either e-mail us or write to us c/o Tracy Sterni, Grade 5 Teacher, School One, 158 Park Slope, Clifton, NJ 07011.
Happy Earth Day,
School One
This is the Freehold Learning Center, a K-5 open school in Freehold Borough, New Jersey. We are participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We are currently decorating 420 grocery bags to get the Earth Day message out to the people of our town.
Thanks for the idea!
Students at Freehold Learning Center
Diane Tennis

New Jersey Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

We're Upper Township Elementary School in Cape May County, New Jersey. We decorated 492 grocery bags and delivered them to the Acme Market in Cedar Square, Seaville, NJ. Our students really enjoyed this project and being part of Earth Day, 1996. Thank you and your students for all your hard work. See you in '97!

Tammi Pittaro,
fourth grade teacher,
Upper Township Elem. School

My name is Debbie Stapenski and I teach computer literacy for 7th and 8th graders at Applegarth Middle School in Cranbury, NJ.
My students decorated 100 grocery bags which were graciously donated to us by Edwards Super Food Store in the Concordia Shopping Center, Cranbury, NJ. They will be delivered this evening so the store will have them. I am forwarding pictures as soon as they are ready. We enjoyed doing the project. Please include me on your list of recipients of other schools' reports.

Happy Earth Day,
Debbie Stapenski

New Jersey Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Thanks for your response. Everything worked out well. Grades two through six decorated 400 bags and gave them to two different supermarkets and got a very nice response. I hope you'll send the results of the project. School address is: Susan Dechnik
 Riverton Public School
 5th and Howard Streets
  Riverton, New Jersey 08077
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