New Hampshire Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

We, at PMA, are a school of 420 students, k-8, of hudson, nh. We decorated the bags (some techers opted to send them home for use, while others displayed them for several days, then sent them home to use for recyclables).
Marilyn Gibson (
PMA (Presentation of Mary Academy)
Amherst, NH
We decorated over 250 bags for our local Shaw's supermarket.
J&S Saltmarsh
Bow Memorial School
Bow, NH
5th Grade
Sandwich Central School in Center Sandwich,NH decorated 110 grocery bags for Earth Day which are being distributed today by Jackson Star Market in Meredith,NH. The students were excited and enthusiastic about this project. We made it a whole school event ( we are a very small school!) The students eagerly await feedback on their artwork from the community.
Kathy Ryan
Art Teacher

New Hampshire Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Hello from New Hampshire! Our rural town of Lyme has a K-8 school(Lyme School) of 204 students and this was the first year we participated in the project. One of our middle school students designed our logo which everyone put on a bag from one of several small, local stores. Most of the bags were done during Art class and were distributed to the stores the week before Earth Week as we were on vacation April 22. Some students shopped at the stores on Earth Day and enjoyed seeing whose bag they received. This is a terrific project and something we'd like to do again!

New Hampshire Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

My name is Mark Schneider and I am technology coordinator for the Newport, New Hampshire public schools. I want to thank you for hosting such an interesting and "do-able" project like this combining the Internet and the artistic skills of the kids!
I am pleased to tell you that one of our elementary schools, Richards School K-3, has decorated 91 grocery bags! Richards School's enrollment is around 50 kids, so Joanne Truell, the teacher heading up the effort there, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I also know that they were very proud to have their bags used at the local grocery store.
[Towle Elementary, grades 4-6, headed up by teacher Roberta Giroux, decorated 232 bags for Earth day (but they sent their own message).]
Our local newspaper ran a front page picture of the "bagging" while in process! I'll send an image once I scan it into our system.

Thank You Again, and Good Luck in the Future,
Mark W. Schneider
Technology Coordinator
Newport, N.H., Public Schools

I'm writing to you from Towle School in Newprt, NH, which is a town of about 6000 residents. We're located about 30 miles from Hanover, the home of Dartmouth, and I would guess the best landmark to give you an idea of our whereabouts. I teach 6th grade in a 4, 5, 6 building of about 230 students divided between ten classrooms.
Yesterday I delivered 219 decorated grocery bags back to Butson's, the local supermarket which donated the bags. Our art teacher, Patti Warren, lead the creative process during her classes this week.
I hope by this time you've heard from more than 115 was a simple and fun project to participate in!
Thanks for the invitation.... Roberta Giroux
Towle Elementary School

New Hampshire Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

It was great to participate in your project once again. Marlborough School created some fantastic Earth Day grocery bags. Grades K through 8 participated in this project along with three supporting stores. What a great project! We decorated 226 Earth Day Grocery Bags.

Robert Baker
Marlborough Elementary School (K-8)
Marlborough, NH 03455

Elaine Pawski
Nelson School
Keene, NH .......also decorated 50 additional bags with her art classes in Keene, NH

New Hampshire Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

Thanks for the great idea for Earth Day. I am an 8th grade Science, Language Arts & Computer teacher. For the past 5 years Earth Day has fallen on our spring vacation. This activity worked out great. The kids had a wonderful time decorating bags and they, and the community, became more aware of this important day.
We decorated 180 bags in the 6th, 7th & 8th grade. They will be sent out on earth day through our local grocery store. Thanks for the great idea!
Robert Baker
Charlestown Elementary School
Charlestown, NH 03603

The Bernice A. Ray Elementary School in Hanover, New Hampshire, has prepared 490 bags which will be distributed today by the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Soc.
My two grade sons having each decorated one, are hoping to get their own bags. I guess I'll be buying a lot of groceries today!
The teachers thought this was a great activity. It was particularly good for the week before spring break. Thanks for the suggestion and taking care of coordinating and tallying the results.
Hope this has arrive in enough time to be included in your totals!
Rosemary Connelly
Hanover, New Hampshire
From: Rosemary Connelly

>From Rosemary.Connelly@Dartmouth.EDU
Swift Water Girl Scout Council Brownie Troop #2057 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has done 60 bags.

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