North Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Thanks to our local Food Lion we decorated 292 bags for Earth Day. Our students had a great time and were very creative. One class used a computer program to create pictures to glue on their bags. We enjoyed participating and hope to be part of this project next year.
Rebecca Worlds (
Oaklawn Elementary
Charlotte, NC
My 5th grade class participated in this project. We decorated 33 bags. We took pictures and we will post the pictures at school and in our classroom. The students had a fun time working on this project We only had 2 days to do this and I feel it was a good learning experience.
Catherine Burnitt (
Troutman Elementary School
Troutman, NC
Hi! This is Oxford Elementary School,Claremont N,C. On Earth Day we decorated over 500 bags! We decorated the bags for Lowes Foods.We also decorated them for Food Lion. They said stuff like, the three R's, Reduce Reuse, Recycle! They also said , save the earth, dont be a litter bug. And Happy Earth Day.
Sent to you by,
Get Set Go!!!
OurK-2 classes celebrate Earth Day by visiting 8 Earth friendly learning statations. We decorated 100 grocery bags for our local grocery store.
Joyce S. Cody (
Richfield Elementary
Richfield, North Carolina
Our school participated in the Earth Day Groceries project. We decorated 285 bags to be distributed to customers on Earth Day.
Cecelia James Myers
Joe Toler-Oak Hill Elementary School
8176 Hwy 96 N.
Oxford, NC 27565
Thanks to the cooperation of our local Winn-Dixie, our school decorated 311 grocery bags. We are proud of our talented students who participated in some online research to prepare for this project. We have all learned a lot and look forward to sharing what we've learned with our community. What a great project! Thanks for the opportunity.
Barbara Hicks, Technology Coordinator (
Dunbar Intermediate School
Lexington, NC

North Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Grades K through 2 decorated 400 brown paper bags donated by the local Food Lion store with Earth Day messages. Several second graders wrote letters to a local TV celebrity and dared him to come to the store and bag groceries for Earth Day. He agreed. A local newspaper also covered the event.
Lewisville Elementary School
6500 Lucy Lane
Lewisville, NC 27023
Greetings from Woodfin Elementary School in Asheville, NC. We participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the third year in a row, and once again, it was a huge success. Every student in our school decorated at least one grocery bag for a total of around 300. Our local television station filmed us decorating our bags one day at school, and we made the 6:00 news. On the Saturday before Earth Day, fifth-graders actually worked at the grocery store explaining the project to customers, bagging groceries, and spreading the Earth Day messages. Our local newspaper covered the story on Saturday. We had pizza afterwards to celebrate the success of the project. Thank-you for sharing it with us!
Sharon Davidson's fifth grade class
Happy Earth Day from Brentwood Elementary in Fayetteville, NC. This was our first time to participate in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Brentwoood PTA and Ms. Simpson, the art teacher distributed the bags. The children decorated 369 beautiful bags for Food Lion on Raeford Rd. We delivered the bags to Food Lion and had children read their Earth Day reports with the media taping. Thank you for sharing this project with us. What a wonderful way to establish communication between the community and our schools.
Tina Kimmerly, PTA secretary
Brentwood Elementary
Fayetteville, NC
We participated. The Future Livestock Growers 4-H Club of Hoke Co. North Carolina decorated 200 bags for Earth Day.

North Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

This is Cheryl Hunt from Green Valley School located in Boone, North Carolina. Our Student Council has just completed sponsoring along with our local Lowes Food store an Earth Day project. We decorated over 420 paper grocery bags that were then displayed and later used for groceries to promote Earth Day and the importance of reusing and recycling. Our students really enjoyed completing this project and then seeing their bags displayed at Lowes Food. Thank you for coorindating this project.

Cheryl Hunt

April 22, l996
My 25 second graders decorated 32 grocery bags with Earth Day logos. They thought up catchy slogans and drew pictures depicting nature scenes. One of my students father owns a convenience store and he provided, and distributed, the completed bags for us. Our school is in a rural area of the mountains of NC and since it is such a small community I feel that the children's bags will make an impression on their friends and neighbors in the community.
We also got the third grade class to participate in the project and they decorated 27 bags.
It was a great idea and hopefully will have a positive impact on our community.

Nancy Coffy

I hope this is not too late for the list.
15 classes at Lead Mine Elementary in Raleigh, NC decorated 375 bags for Earth Day. Teachers participated in the project on a voluntary basis. Maybe next year we can get the whole school involved.
We would like to thank our local Kroger for lending us the bags to decorate. Teachers, students, and the gorcery store really enjoyed participating in this project. Our students did some super bags. Thanks,

Linda Shearin
Instructional Technology Specialist
Lead Mine Elementary

McLauchlin Elementary School has decorated and returned to Home Food Market 382 grocery bags to remind folks of Earth Day. We enjoyed this project again this year and hope to participate again next year. Please add us to your list.

Pat McNeill
Media Coordinator
J.W.McLauchlin School
Raeford, NC

North Carolina Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

At New Hope School we participated in the Grocery Bag Project. The fifth grades were studying the Environment and sponsored a school wide activity along with the media center. All students enjoyed decorating the bags. We can hardly wait until Earth Day to go to the grocery store in our community and see our bags filling for the customers. Total bags: 195 Thanks for such a super project.
Connie Thompson
New Hope Elementary School
Gastonia, NC
e-mail (
The students at J.W.McLauchlin Elementary School are proud to report that they decorated and distributed 400 bags for Earth Day. The bags were distributed by Home Food Market in Raeford. All students K-5 participated and were very excited about the project. Please include our bags in your total. Thanks for initiating this wonderful project and giving us a chance to share.

Pat McNeill, Media Coordinator
J.W.McLauchlin School
326 N.Main St.
Raeford, NC  28376

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