Mississippi Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Our school, Arlington Elementary School, in Pascagoula, MS decorated 550 bags for an Earth Day project. The bags were donated by Jerry Lee's in Pascagoula. This was a terrific project, and all students grades kindergarten through fifth enjoyed the activity!! Our preschool developmentally delayed students also participated. We look forward to doing it again next year! Several of our parents commented how nice it was to receive groceries in such a nicely environmentally friendly bag.
Lori Perek (jmp@datasync.com)
Arlington Elementary School
Pascagoula, MS 39581
I did this project in conjunction with our local Albertson's grocery store. I travel to two schools, so both sets of students participated. All total, we decorated 125 bags. The students enjoyed creating the slogans to use on the bags.
Crawford Grabowski (ckgrabowski@yahoo.com)
Key Elementary and Van Winkle Elementary
Jackson, MS
Thames Elementary School in Hattiesburg, MS is a k through fourth grade school with 1050 students. This is our second year participating in this project and we love it! We completed 1050 grocery bags for our Jitney Jungle grocery store. Students will deliver the bags this Friday and our local newspaper, the Hattiesburg American will be there to take pictures.
Joanne Oshrin (joshrin%thames@k12.ms.us)
Thames Elementary School
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Mississippi Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Thames elementary school in Hattiesburg, MS completed 1000 grocery bags. Students will deliver these bags to our local Jitney Jungle grocery store this Saturday. We are also doing other projects. We are collecting food and supplies for the Humane Society. Our student council donated $50 for cat and dog food. We are also recycling aluminum cans and using this money for the rebuilding of our local animal shelter that burned down last year.
On Earth Day all 1000 students will hold hands and make a circle around the school. We will pass a globe which symbolizes that we must all take responsibility for the Earth. The students are very careful not to drop the globe. At this time, we present the food to a member of the humane society.
The students are also beautifying the campus by planting flowers that the student council had purchased.
Bitsy Browne Miller BMiller%Thames@k12.ms.us
Hattiesburg, MS
Thames elementary school

Mississippi Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Oxford Middle School is delivering 1,000 EarthDay grocery bags to Kroger which donated the bags for the school's use. They are FANTASTIC.
Jan Foregger jforegge@cypress.mcsr.olemiss.edu
What an enjoyable and meaningful project! My 45 students decorated 260 grocery bags with public awareness art and messages about the importance of "saving the Earth." These 5th and 6th graders' bags will be distributed at our local Kroger and FoodMax stores. I do not have the equipment to scan these images, but I can send you a "still" shot of some of our bags...they look great! Thanks for a great project!
-Kate Roberts' Classes
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