California Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
2,000 bags
-- Los Angeles Children’s Museum
-- L.A., CA
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
150 bags
-- 122nd Street School
-- Los Angeles, CA
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:

1,200 bags
-- Girl Scouts from 14 counties at "California Kaleidoscope" event
-- Stockton, CA

This year is our first time conducting Earth Day Groceries Project. We worked with Ralph's Supermarket. Our students decorated 500 bags. Students had great fun doing it. It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. Our local newspaper, The Highlanders, came out to take pictures, and wrote a short article which published the next Monday. Some pictures will be figured on our school web site also. :-)
Margaret Hesselgrave (
Los Molinos Elementary School
3112 las Marias Dr. Walnut CA 91745
We obtained 500 bags from the local Lucky's Grocery Store. The 500 kids (K-5) at our school decorated them. I then returned them to the store where they were used to bag groceries on Earth Day. We also hold an annual Earth Day celebration! Each class is responsible for preparing an activity for all 500 kids. We also had the Waste Management Board, the local disposal company, fire department and even Smokey the Bear join us. Through out the year, we have adopted a local creek site to clean, manage and we are raising Rainbow Trout to plant in the creek.
Mrs. Diane Hernandez (
Louisiana Schnell School
Placerville, CA
My Kindergarten class decorated the bags from a local Albertsons grocery store and then we walked to the store to deliver the bags. Along the way we collected litter and put them in some clear plastic bags. The store manager was enthusiastic and welcomed us! He then let the children go to the produce area and pick out one piece of fruit to eat on our trip back to school! We colored 30 bags and hope the community enjoyed them. They were darling! One of the students thought it would be funny if her mom actually got "her" bag back! Thank you! We had fun and the students learned about keeping our Earth clean!
Michele Severo
Kindergarten Teacher
Woodcrest Preschool
Newbury Park, CA
The grocery bags were a real good idea. We decorated 26 bags.
Chris Delgado (
Cutten School
Cutten CA,40.75N,124W
Santa Rosa Elementary School is located in Atascadero, California. Our K - 6 grade school had a great time decorating 589 bags which were then distributed by our local Luckys grocery store. Luckys and our local newspaper were both very enthusiastic in supporting our project. Many of the primary projects worked with buddy classes to decorate the bags. We hope to participate again next year!
Kathy Peterson
Grades K-5 at our school participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We decorated 125 bags. The bags were obtained from Raley's Grocery Store in Red Bluff. Every shopper who goes through checkstand #4 on Earth Day and chooses paper vs. plastic will have their groceries put into one of our bags. We enjoyed participating in this project.
Kathleen Grimes and Lois Stillwell (
Sacred Heart Parish School
Red Bluff, CA 96080
Students decorated approximately 300 bags to be used by a local grocery store to be used to bag groceries on Earth Day. Students enjoyed the project and felt that they were promoting the message "Save our Earth"
Mary Jo Sassen Kinder Teacher
Vernon City El. School
2360 E. Vernon Ave.
Vernon, CA 90058
We participated in decorating grocery bags last year, too. This Earth Day we decorated 450 bags for our local Sentry Market in Shasta Lake City, CA.
Our school is Project City Elementary. We include grades K-4. We also added a decorated bookmark with tips for helping the Earth inside with info about our school.
The kids enjoy the opportunity to share their talents with the community.
Lillie Minsart
third grade
Project City School
Technology Mentor
Carden School of Fountain Valley is pleased to have participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Ralphs grocery store gave us 150 brown bags. Our students have decorated and returned the bags for disbursement on Earth Day.
Have a fantastic Earth Day!!!
-Miss Jennifer Carter
Carden School of Fountain Valley
10460 Slater Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Linda Updegraff
My class and 2 other 2nd grades are decorating 200 bags.
Amy Brown (
Burbank Elementary
Merced, CA
We have decorated 500 grocery bags. This is a great project. It is our first year to participate.
Mr. James Duke, Fifth Grade Teacher (
César Chávez Elementary School
Coachella, California
This is Washington School reporting in. We are located in Santa Barbara, California and today we decorated 63 grocery bags for our local Lazy Acres market.
Washington Computer Lab
Our school decorated 250 bags. The messages were written in both Spanish and English since we are a Spanish Immersion school. Thanks to Lucky Store for donating the bags, and for letting our students share their concerns about the earth with their customers.
Martha E. Rodriguez (
Cesar Chavez Elementary
Davis California

California Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Greetings! I'd like to report that Cabrillo Elementary School in Pacifica, CA decorated 500 paper bags for Central Food Market across the street from our school. Our local newspaper ran an article about the project. Thank you so much--our community felt very good about participating!
Laura Shain for Cabrillo
Canterbury School decorated and sent 100 paper bags to Safeway in Ukiah. At first we thought we might not finish all the bags because we only have 13 students but we were able to do all of them is a very short time.
Canterbury School
Ukiah, CA
The Mariposa School in Ukiah, California is proud to report that we decorated and distributed around 200 grocery bags this year! Mariposa School is a small, rural private K-8. Our home page can be viewed at
Hi! We are a K-4 school in Shasta Lake, CA. We requested bags from our local Sentry Market. In all, we decorated 450 bags...some I just wanted to keep forever they were so beautiful! Many carried on the theme of our "Moody Creek Watershed" ...protecting, planting, enhancing, studying...all the flora and fauna of the area.
We enjoyed the project and will do it again next year! We also included a decorated bookmark in each bag with 10 Things We All Can Do to Help the Earth and the name of our School.
Lillie Minsart
Project City School
Third Grade
This is the first year we have participated in this great project. Our K-4 school re-opened in the fall after 15 years due to increased enrollment in our district. We decorated about 250 bags during two lunch breaks and returned them to our local VON's store. The manager was very helpful and reported that people responded well to the Earth Day bags. Next year, I will try to get the bags done on a district-wide basis in the classrooms!
Terri Ann Sullivan
Robinson Elementary
Manhattan Beach, CA
Our students proudly decorated 389 bags. That is also the total number of students at the school.
Megan Bennett and Vana Meydag
Tustin Memorial Academy
Tustin, Ca
We will be conducting our grocery bag project in conjunction with our 2nd annual Earth Festival on May 22 (A key teacher is off track in April, so we hold the festival in May rather than on the actual Earth Day.) Our local Save Mart supermarket will be providing grocery bags for the 1000 students at our school. Each student will be illustrating the slogan "Every Day is Earth Day". I can't wait to see the results !!
Cheryl Buettner
Miano Elementary School
Los Banos, California
Our local One Stop Supermarket provided 400 bags for our K-6 school to decorate. They plan to distribute them during Earth Week. Thanks for the great idea. Everybody wins!
Penny Dominici
Ione Elementary School
Ione, CA
Our fourth grade class has decorated 27 grocery bags, which were donated by the grocery store across the street from the school. The store will use them on Earth Day, for customers!
Mrs. Kelley
Cabrillo Elementary
Pacifica, California
We have 2 classes of 4th graders participating and we have 150 bags that are decorated and ready to bring back to Ralph's Market in Temple City.
Patti Hahn
Cloverly School
Temple City, CA
The Earth Day Groceries Project has been taken on by the first and third grade PALS (a cross age tutoring program) at Fred E. Weibel Elementary School in Fremont, CA. The Lucky's store in Warm Springs volunteered to be part of the project. Altogether 240 bags were decorated with our school name, Earth Day slogans and pictures as part of our Earth Day studies. The students found it very exciting to read about this project on the internet. They also look forward to shopping at Lucky's on Earth Day! Many thanks to our computer specialist, Mrs. Sindelar, for introducing this project to us.
Susie Calhoun
Fred E. Weibel Elementary, Fremont, CA
We decorated 30 bags which will go to our local Lucky store. On the bag we tried to make it clear to everyone, that they should care about the earth every day.
Room 22,Second Grade,
Ms. Wood
Weibel School
Our students really had fun decorating the bags and learned a lot in the process. Since ours is a mostly Hispanic community, the bags were done in English, Spanish, and some were done in both languages. We decorated 1,026 bags for the two main local stores. We also planted a tree that day on our playground (this is a twenty year tradition). My second grade students also "made" paper from recycled paper. They thought this was fun, but a lot of work.
Linda Allen
Washington Primary
Mendota, CA

California Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

I apologize for reporting so late, but I lost your email and web site address and have just found it.
My school participated in your Earth Day Bag project.
My school is Highlands Elementary School in Pittsburg, California (San Francisco Bay Area). The entire school participated and sent about 700 bags to the local Save-mart grocery store. The kids were very excited about participating.
Thanks for the great (and easy) idea for an Earth Day Project. Our school is not yet online, and many of the teachers are not yet computer literate, so they were thrilled when I told them that I had gotten this project from the "net".
I hope that everything went well.

Thanks again,
Eric Heins
Multi-age Primary (1-3) teacher.

At the suggestion of San Diego Earth Day, Ocean Beach People's Natural foods Market packed groceries in Earth Day Grocery Bags deorated by the students of Silver Gate and Ocean Beach Elementary Schools. More than 1300 children decorated bags with environmental themes to encourage everyone. Crazy Crayons, a company in Oregon that makes recycled crayons from the broken pieces and stubs, agreed to donate crayons for the children to use. Whatever crayons are left over will be returned to Crazy Crayons to be melted down and reconstituted. Silver Gate also started a crayon recycling program for their 700 students.

Carolyn Chase,
Please visit ;-)
San Diego Earth Times,
Earth Day Network
Tel: (619)272-0347 (SDET)
FAX: (619)272-2933
P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169
"What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?" --Gandhi

How are you? We are one of the schools that participated in the "Earth Day Groceries". We are from Mariposa Elementary School in Mariposa California. We brought in 41 fully decorated grocery bags.

Mariposa Elementary School

Great idea- this grocery bag decorating deal! Our grade school did about 200 this year! Not bad, considering we found out about this project just a few days before Earth Day! Thanks for the simple, positive action.

Martin Kwaterski Scanlan

I hope it isn't too late to report. Room 2 of Bella Vista Elem., in Monterey Park, (a suburb of Los Angeles) coordinated this activity for our k-4 school. We made 686 Earthday bags for Ralph's Grocery Store in Monterey Park. Mr. Kwan, the store manager was a big supporter and we wish to thank him, as well as Arbor Heights for this great project.

Cheryl Long

Our wonderful and dedicated students beautifully decorated 240 grocery bags. Our new local supermarket was humming with customers, all talking about the great student artwork. They were only allowed one decorated bag per customer due to demand! Next year, we'll try for 500 bags to get the Earth Day message out!

Copperopolis Elementary School
Copperopolis, CA
Stephen Mayer, Principal

California Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Happy Earth Day!
Great project idea. It was well received by school, merchant, and community.
Burnett Elementary School in Milpitas, California turned in 492 Earth Day Bags to Nop Hill Grocery Store.
Thanks again,
Denis Mullen
We were only able to decorate 70 bags, but that's a start. Maybe next year we can expand the project. (This year only our 4th graders participated.) We are looking forward to hearing what the totals turn out to be.

Carol Goldsmith, Belmont, CA

Here is another report for your info...they do not have I am passing it along for them:

La Presa Elementary School
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
519 La Presa Ave, Spring Valley CA 91977-6011 (619)668-5790
"We delivered 200 bags to a neighborhood Vons to be distributed. The students enjoyed designing the bags. Thank you for this idea. Sincerely, Diane Beene, Community Resource Coordinator"

Carolyn Chase, Earth Day Network,San Diego

Tel: (619)272-7423
FAX: (619)272-2933
Voicemail: (619)496-3361

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