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Date: Thu 5/6/2004 5:00 AM
Random Thought: What A Humble Day!

Well, it's the end of the semester. Those very uneducational final grades are almost in. Tomorrow afternoon, Susan and I fly to San Francisco for a bunch of grand-daughter spoiling days. But, I'm already soaring higher than any plane can fly. Some students gave me a gift two days ago that left me breathless and silent. From now on, each time I take a sip of coffee on campus I will be reminded that there is nothing, nothing, that can energize you more, that can lift you higher, that can give you deeper satisfaction, that can give you a greater sense of service, that can make a greater difference, that can give you a greater sense of accomplishment than knowing you're lifting another and making a difference in another's life.

Whatever I had done was not one of those occasional sweeping or grand moments. From evaluation after evaluation, the students revealed that it was the unexpected, almost matter-of-fact little things that had mattered and had such a great impact. It's the things that you don't think about that they think about, that you think don't mean much that mean so much. And strangely, those things are a resource at your fingertips that don't take much energy or time, that never get used up, that grow as you use them, that even grow stronger and brighter as you draw from them: a slight smile, a little gesture, a bubble of enthusiasm, a momentary twinkle, a single jump for joy, a few seconds of time, a glimmer of light, a morsel of patience, a word of encouragement, a wink of faith, a small gesture of love, a small act of kindness, a bit of sensitivity, a slight caring touch, a small hand. It's the caring and loving human touch that so often proves to be far more than a mere touch.

Sure, we should dream big dreams, but the payoff of big dreams come in the every day moments, simple moments, almost unthinking moments, almost imperceptible moments, and easily forgotten moments. No, there is nothing common about what on the surface appears so commonplace. There is nothing usual in what seems so usual. It's humbling when you realize that all these little things make such a big difference, when you understand that these ordinary moments are special treasures of untold value, when you see how truly glorious, memorable, and magnificent each is. And when you do, it's impossible not to put such incredible power into such valuable service. And then, and only then, will you be gilting each day into a golden, glistening day of difference, change, growth, and transformation for both another and you.

         Make it a good day.


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