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Date: Wed 4/16/2003 6:11 AM
Random Thought: Inner Satisfaction

I been reading a series of messages from students at West Georgia State University on "teachers remembered." I assume it was an assignment for an education class. This West Gerogia teacher has done this before with students. It's a good exercise, for it requires that they reflect and seek out those qualities of "teachers remembered" which they may wish to emulate and pass on.

As I read the brief paragraphs about those "teachers remembered" who touched these students, I started asking myself, "Whether we are advising, administering, teaching, counseling, guiding, or doing whatever we are doing on our campuses, what are certain symptoms we experience and express and demonstrate when we feel an inner satisfaction, a belief of service, a sense of mission and purpose, a commitment to something greater than ourselves, an ennobling richness, and a feeling of sacred obligation in what we're doing?" This is some of what I came up with:

1. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment and each person.

2. No interest in pre-judging or judging any student

3. Accepting of and embracing each and every student

4. Give everything he or she has, and asks the same of each student

5. Lots of persuasion

6. Dwell on students' strengths rather than moaning about their weakness

7. Lots of expressions ofappreciation

8. Lots of encouragement

9. Constant connectedness with each student

10. Frequent attacks of smiling hearts

11. An uncontrollable urge to be kind

12. Not interested in coersion

13. Believes in the power of love of, faith in, belief in, and hope for each student

14. Always questions with a "why" and "who are you"

15. Allows things to unfold to the needs of each student rather than resisting and manipulating to his or her own wants

16. Constant patience

17. Ever seeing and listening, ever mindful and sensitive and attentive

18. Never looks for the ideal situation or want students who are faultless

19. Wants to make a difference and believes the world can be changed because of him or her

20. Always has an eye on the future understanding that each student is the future

21. Doesn't wait for students to be friendly and civil; models tact, courtesy, respect, honesty, civility.

22. Models a reverence and deep respect for the inherent dignity and worth of each student

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