Monday, April 10, 2006

Good reading, 4/10/06

I've spent more time writing than reading this past week, it seems. Still, I found some good reads:

Sadly, that's it for the week/weekend. I'm headed back to the east coast for a few days on family stuff, but the flights (5 airports in 5 days - aaargh) will go more quickly, as my mp3 player is loaded up with podcats from Miguel Guhlin, Andy Carvin, Tim Wilson, Wesley Fryer, Bob Sprankle (and his kids), and David Warlick. And just in case any of that gets boring (ha), I have Will Richardson's new book. The hours will fly by...

Finally, I set up a myspace account a couple of weeks ago, to see what it was like, learn about the dangers, potential, etc, etc. I finally started up my blog there - and I noticed a coupla guys from the above list are also there :) I think all teachers ought to do the same. Have to understand the nature of the beast...

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At April 14, 2006 , Blogger Wesley Fryer said...

Mark: Good for you setting up a MySpace account! I will be very interested to read and hear your thoughts about it. I have admittedly not spent a lot of time on my site yet. (Visit me and add me as a myspace friend!) I agree we need to be using these social networking tools so we can talk intelligently and make good decisions about them. Have you heard of I heard Cheryl Oakes talk about on the seedlings podcast a few weeks back. I am thinking it would be great to use or a similar social networking environment in schools, for everyone, and teach kids how to be safe and appropriate in that environment.


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