Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flurry of loose ends

Have spent the last two days frantically getting things in order for my trip back to CT. Finishing up things for school, sending emails, getting sponsorship for the Earth Day Groceries Project, getting AOL on my laptop (ish!), taking care of household obligations. Mid winter break is here, and normally this would be a week of catch up - so I'm doing it on the weekend.

Will be great to see Mom and Dad, sister Kristin, and brother Dave. Main reason for the trip is to accompany Dave on a visit to the Helen Keller National Center on Long Island. Hopefully we can get him in there for an evaluation/training stay soon. And then the folks are getting ready to move out of their house to assisted living in a month or so. Another big chapter...

Leaving in a few hours, most things in order. Books! About the only time I ever really get to read anything these days is on a plane. Will finish The World is Flat - finally, but I need some trashy spy thriller. Will save that selection for the airport gift shops, I guess...

Will be interested to see if any of my kids are blogging this week on

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At February 19, 2006 , Anonymous gordon said...

I left a comment on the roomtwelve blog to feel free to swing by little ol' Fairfield, CT if you're in the nieghborhood. It would be great to actually meet you but, alas, looks like you'll have a pretty busy schedule. Best of luck with your parents' move.


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