Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another try at a school blog

After setting up a school blog through blogger.com, I started looking around for another option because our district blocks all web sites hosted there (there HAVE to be others, right?). Found that edublogs.org had the best offering. Free, and very easy to add additional authors (like the principal, other teachers). Set it up at http://arborheights.edublogs.org My hope is that it can be an information portal to our school. If enough important players believe, well, we'll see...

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posted by Mark Ahlness @ 9:53 PM   1 Comments


At January 18, 2006 , Anonymous gordon said...

Thanks, Mark. I'll (re)check it out. Our district will open specific blogger sites I ask them to open. Honestly, that "next blog" button always has me a tad worried so I'm happy for the filter in this case.


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