Mark Ahlness

I teach third grade at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, WA and am having a wonderful time in my eighth year there. I also teach art to another third grade class and find that very rewarding. Before coming to Arbor Heights, I taught special education for 10 years.

My philosophy on technology and education.


Personal History

I grew up in the midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota) and then moved to Manchester, Connecticut. I received a BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!) in 1973. I then moved to Seattle, where I received my teaching certificate and M.Ed. from the University of Washington (go Huskies!) in 1981.
My parents, Bob and Audrey Ahlness, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Here's a look at some of the festivities. Congratulations, Mom and Dad!
I am a member of NARAS (the Grammy folks) and enjoy voting on the Grammy Awards every year!

School Web Stuff

I have spent a lot of time developing the Arbor Heights Home Page, on the web now for nearly four years! In 1995 I attended an awards ceremony in San Francisco as the only school nominated in the GNN Best of the Net Awards. Arbor Heights was also the only school to make the semi-finals round of the 1997 GII Awards
Every Spring I spend way too many hours coordinating the Earth Day Groceries Project, something I began on the Internet in 1994.
As a pilot teacher and contributor to Project Athena, I frequently use the wonderful materials available there with my third graders.
I am also involved in an exciting new education project, The Learning Space.

Personal Web Stuff

Here's my favorite WWW link outside of education. If you are a Windows or Windows 95 user, this place is a must see - one you will return to again and again: Stroud's CWSA Site.
I serve on the Education Advisory Board for Freezone, a web site based in Seattle aimed at education and entertainment for children.
In the summer of 1998, I traveled back to Ithaca, NY to take part in the wedding of my wonderful sister, Kristin. Here's a look at that wonderful event.
Finally, a link to a site I maintain for my lovely and talented wife Janeanne Houston ....

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