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June 29, 1998
Changed the Weekly Link to Watch a peregrine falcon slideshow!.

June 23, 1998
Updated Earth Day Groceries (added three schools to Project Pictures).

June 15, 1998
Updated School News (added June 12, 1998).

June 14, 1998
Changed the Weekly Link to Have some summer cyber-fun at Bonus.com!
Updated Room 12 On-Line.
Updated PDF Files (added Jr. Seahawk Newsletter for April-May and Jr Seahawk Newsletter for June).

June 9, 1998
Updated The Complete Random Thoughts (added I Look At the Garden, and I See the Classoom).

June 7, 1998
Changed the Weekly Link to Visit the Arbor Heights Young Authors' Conference!
Updated Room 12 On-Line.
Updated Room 12 Assignments (added The Arbor Heights Young Authors' Conference!).
Updated Ed.Net Briefs.
Major updates to Earth Day Groceries.

June 4, 1998
Major update to the Young Authors' Conference.
Updated School News (added June 2, 1998).

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