April-May, 1998 VOLUME 7 - ISSUE 6


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Andy and Jessica
Room 25, Grades 4&5

On the first, our classroom went to Camp Long for a field trip. We caught frogs, tadpoles, little buggy things, and water spiders. What was really funny was, on that same day, was the Arbor Heights Carnival and May Day! Our classroom spent A LOT of time preparing our basket for the Carnival. Ours was called “South of the Border”, you know, the Mexican hat one!
What do you call a flying turtle?
A shellicopter!

Antjelina and Brian
Room 1, Grade 1

On May 1 we went to the Port of Seattle. We have tests on Friday. Mr. Balarezo taught music class. We are learning about snails. Over Spring Vacation we played outside.
Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
Because he felt crummy!

Jessie and Moira
Room 19, Grade 1

Our class went on a field trip to the Port of Seattle. We took a boat on the harbor. We played Port Bingo. We are learning about snails. We took snails out of tanks. They were black and brown and green.

Room 3, Kindergarten

The baby praying mantises hatched. I found crabs on the beach. I found three starfish, and I found an anemone at the Lincoln Park beach.

Makalia and Courtney
Room 18, Grade 2

We have a student teacher. Her name is Miss Gruber. We made Cinco de Mayo piñatas and Mexican bark paintings. We are practicing to do a puppet show. We are going to learn about bugs. We are going swimming. We are going to take a field trip to the zoo.
What room has no doors and no windows?
A mushroom!

Steve and Kelsey
Room 17, Grades 1&2

We went on a field trip on May 1 to see “Frog and Toad”, and we had fun. And we are going to Lincoln Park in June. Our author of the month is Bernard Waber, and he has written Do You See a Mouse?, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, and Mice on My Mind.
Why did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
To get some Easter eggs!

Taylor and Lencho
Room 22, Grade 4

In our class we are making masks. On Friday, May 1st we went on a field trip to Camp Long and Longfellow Creek. It was fun! We are doing testing. Some of it’s easy, but some of it is hard. Some of our class went to the carnival. Lencho won a cake, and Taylor won the cake contest for the fourth grade. She also won a lunch with a teacher in the kid’s raffle.

Carolyn and Adrienne
Room 7, Grade 4

Our class is learning how to add fractions in math. We are also making buffalo hide stories in social studies. We also just finished the fourth grade assessment test and the Iowa Test. Some of the math problems were hard. Our class is going to go on a field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo on May 22.
Why did the bully go to beauty school?
He liked to tease hair!

Kaitlin and Linda
Room 15, Grades 2&3

We are writing our Young Authors’ books. On April 30, 1998 we went on a field trip called “Frog and Toad”. After that, the whole class ate our lunch, and after that, we went to the fountain, and we all got wet. We know that we will always miss Mr Leatherman very much. We have learned in class how to write poems.
Where do Macintosh computers go for their vacation?
The Big Apple!

How did the piece of gum get across the road?
It was stuck to the chicken’s foot!

Justin K. and Heather
Room 12, Grade 3

On May 19th we went to the Pike Place Market. We have been looking at Mae, the peregrine falcon, on the Internet. We just went down to Safeway. We took 390 bags to Safeway. We have been taking reports down to the front of the school. We put stickers of bags on the states and cities. We also got some reports from different countries. We just finished the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. It was hard, and easy in some parts. We have been drawing treehouses.
Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns don’t work!

Room 4, Kindergarten

We set the frogs free on Friday on our field trip to Fauntleroy Park. We have preying mantises. I found a starfish at Lincoln Park.


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