What's New at Arbor Heights

January, 1996

January 28, 1996
Changed the Link of the Week to "Welcome to the White House for Kids".
Replaced background sound with windows95.mid (works with Internet Explorer).

January 20, 1996
Changed the Link of the Week to Send Greetings and Encouragement to the Troops in Bosnia.
Revised Information About This Site

January 19, 1996
Revised most major pages (added a cloudy background).

January 18, 1996
Revised Earth Day Groceries (added an imagemap of participants).

January 12, 1996
Added a "Link of the Week" to the home page. This week - Martin Luther King Jr.

January 7, 1996
Updated the Room 12 Top Ten List (added Goosebumps, removed Lion King).

January 6, 1996
Downtime Notice...Our server will be down Jan. 7 from 7 to 9 a.m., Seattle time.
Updated the Parents/PTSA page (added December, 1995)

January 2, 1996
Updated the Staff page (added Dene Napolitan, our librarian).
Updated the Chief Seatle's Speech page (added a link to research).
Updated this What's New page (added an earlier updates section - see below).

Earlier Updates to the Arbor Heights WWW Site:

September - December, 1995
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