Hello Everybody,
Here's what's been happening with the Arbor Heights Environment Task Force.  We held a meeting on July 8th, which was attended by myself, Richard Staudt, Fred Stephens, Scott Roed, and Mitzi Sato.
Dr. Anderson Interim Report:  Dr. Anderson has released an interim report on his findings to date.  It will be available on the web site soon.  It includes a summary of the findings of his symptom study of the staff, and a room-by-room description of what he's found so far.  See http://www.halcyon.com/arborhts/air/index.htm
Additional Sampling:  Dr. Anderson asked for, and received permission from the district to take more samples, including cutting some small holes in walls and ceilings to access enclosed areas.
Budget:  We've pretty much exhausted the budget originally agreed to for Dr. Anderson when we set up this effort with the district.  Dr. Anderson estimates it'll take an additional $16K - $20K to complete his work, which includes any remaining testing, consulting, and evaluation of the building after remediation work is complete.  Fred Stephens said the additional money wouldn't be a problem.
Student and Staff Mold Exposure Testing:  3 students and 2 staff members (or maybe the other way around) submitted to blood tests for mold exposure per Dr. Anderson's recommendations, paid for by the school district.  This was done within one week of the end of the school year, since some of the tests needed to be done within a week of exposure.  Many thanks to Penny Smith, Richard Staudt, those courageous kids and staff who braved the dreaded needle, and the others who made that happen.  Recommendations for more extensive testing of students and staff will go out once the results of Dr. Anderson's investigation is complete, probably in a couple of weeks.  We're waiting so we can do targeted tests; i.e. testing for molds known to be in the environment.  Targeted tests, as opposed to a broad spectrum of tests, are more accurate and cost effective.  Recommendations for testing, plus the list of approved physicians (both district and Dr. Anderson's recommendations) will be sent out in a letter to all parents and staff.  Testing done through one of the physicians on the list will be billed directly to the district, i.e. no up-front payment required from the patients that is later reimbursed.
Repairs: RDH Building Sciences (district engineering consultant) is reviewing the approach recommended by Bodine to drying out the spaces under the west wing, and is preparing a specification that can be put out to bid.  The work will be bid under an emergency procedure, so it can be completed this summer.  Under this procedure, 3 phone quotes are required.
More Repairs:  The district intends to do an inspection of the Arbor Heights building to put together a task list for maintenance and repair items needed to address problems listed in Dr. Anderson's interim report.
Dr. Anderson Final Report:  Once Dr. Anderson's final report is complete in a few weeks, we'll make it available on our web site, and schedule a public meeting so concerned people can ask questions of the task force members, and Dr. Anderson.
I'll send out updates as events warrant.  Thanks again for your interest and concern.  As always, send questions to me at this e-mail address, and I'll do my best to get them answered in the next update.
E. Joe Sharp
Parent Representative
Arbor Heights Environmental Task Force