Hello All,
It's time again to bring you up to date on what's happening with the Arbor Heights environmental task force
Symptom Surveys: Dr. Anderson completed his symptom surveys of the staff last week.  They went extremely well.  Based on the results, Dr. Anderson wants to conduct more testing; both air and dust samples.  The testing will be performed Wednesday, June 22nd.
Dr. Anderson's Report:  Dr. Anderson has said that his report will be available mid-July.   Air samples take a couple of weeks to grow, and he'd need some additional time to review the data and author the report.  It'll be made available when it's completed.  We plan to have Dr. Anderson come out and meet with everybody to answer questions after the report has been published.
Mold Testing: We're still working with Dr. Anderson and the school district to set up a process for parents who wish to have their children tested.  We're waiting on the recommended tests and a list of physicians from Dr. Anderson.  The tentative plan is to notify all of the Arbor Heights families in a letter when the process is finalized.
Absence Data: The school district provided absence data from the previous four years, and it was forwarded to Dr. Anderson for review.
Repair Work Orders: The school district provided all of the work orders relating to water damage or mold from the school from 1999.  They have been forwarded to Dr. Anderson to help his investigation.
Temporary Water Pumping:  The school district attempted to pump out the water under Room 16, but suffered an equipment failure.  They tried again last Friday.
Repairs:  The district's hydrogeologist believes that the water under the building is due to ground water.  He recommended Bodine Construction to come up with a proposed solution to dry out the space.  Bodine did an inspection and recommended a curtain drain system be installed on the perimiter of the wing to intercept ground water and dry out the space.  He also recommends a vapor barrier under that wing.  The drain system can be installed immediately.  The vapor barrier will have to wait until the asbestos remediation work is done.
From Jennifer Aspelund: Does the district have a standing contract with Bodine Construction?  According to Richard Staudt, Bodine does not have a standing contract with the district.  He was recommended by the hydrogeologist as somebody local with a good reputation for this kind of work.
Thanks again for your interest and involvement.  Send questions to this address, and we'll take them up at the next task force meeting, and they'll be answered in a subsequent update.
E. Joe Sharp
Parent Representative
Arbor Heights Environmental Task Force