Monday, August 22, 2005

Progress and deadlines

I just returned from a short visit to school today - ran into several teachers already getting ready. As we all know, the four days we get before school starts are not even close to enough prep time. I started installing Inspiration on some of my classroom computers.

But I really wanted to see how progress was coming on the air quality fixes. Here's what the new univents (heaters) and the air intakes look like. They do take up quite a bit more real estate than the old ones, but I'm sure they'll be a lot more efficient. Apparently the fan rate can be adjusted, so some of the gossip I've heard about the units being loud may be inaccurate.

Then I stepped into a classroom where work is underway to create an exhaust duct for the roof fans (drawing air up and out of the crawlspaces). I took this shot of the ceiling on room 7 (the other one will be in room 18), where the framing work was beginning. Look at those ceiling joists - true 2-14 joists. Not something you see every day at Home Depot.

Finally, this is about water, but the filters are in place for classroom sinks and drinking fountains. Here's a typical setup:

So, progress looks good as school opening draws closer. I talked with Mike and they are pretty sure they've found the source of water flowing into the crawlspaces under rooms 16 and 17.... groundwater runoff that has seeped through the foundation on the outside of the classrooms. Looks like a sealing job may be necessary? There may indeed be leaks in the roof drains and the pipes leading to the culvert under the school - and they will check and repair for anything along those lines. They're going to pump out water, remove sludge, and start drying out the wet crawl spaces tomorrow. The loose asbestos pieces were removed a while ago. Mike and his crews are doing a super job getting all this stuff worked out. They have been a very effective team with Dr. Anderson


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